Policies and Procedures

Church structure and Governance


Gateway Waterside is led by pastor Tim Lockwood with an oversight team – Danni Lockwood, Tony Hodder, Dawn Cullen, Melanie and Brian Perry. They are responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of the church and seek to love, develop, encourage and challenge all those who are part of Gateway.


Gateway Waterside is a CIO we are registered in England and Wales number 7726741, and a registered charity number 1143971.

The company is not ‘owned’ in the regular sense of the word but there are ‘members' of the company who act as the owners in law – they are all part of the church. The Trustees of the church are Sharon Mellings (Chair), David Norbury, Nathan Hussey, Tony Hodder and Andy Clarke.

Many legal and financial details are contained in the latest audited version of our Annual Report and Accounts, available on request.