Our Vision

To see the communities that the church represents reached with the love, acceptance and purpose that a relationship with God through Christ can bring. To see People of all ages, ethnicity, sexual identification and orientation come into a relationship with God. To see them healed from their past, fulfilled in their present and empowered and released for their future. To see them become more Christ-like in the way they live their lives, forever maturing into the people that God has created them to be.

Gateway is a church that is relevant to its community and their needs and filled with people who are being saved, healed, empowered and released. It will be a church that accepts, values and loves each other from the very youngest to the very oldest, recognising that each generation is part of an amazing spiritual family where needs are looked out for and met with each member taking responsibility for each other.

It is a place of welcome for new people coming into church. It will be forever ready for the visitor and welcoming to all. It is a church that loves to Praise and Worship God recognising the power that this brings. It is a church with prayer at its heart and with a passion to see God move through his holy spirit. Most of all, it is a church that loves God and the relationship we can all have with him through Christ.